Another Look at Our Hop-up System

In this article, we will discuss our hop-up system and what systems we have based ours off of.

Questions We Receive Often

Questions We Receive Often

The other day we had few people ask question about our products. In this blog post we will answer the question that we have received.  For the fir...

Ceramic Coating

  Thanks for comments on our previous video. Your opinions are precious to us.  We are using a professional factory of ceramic coating which satisf...

An Insider on Our Gearbox, Part Two

Picture 1. FCS layer of Gearbox Creating the FCS system was a challenge with a DC Motor. The solution to making it work with the DC motor was Ins...

An Insider on Our Gearbox, Part One

Picture 1. ASCU FCS  When the ASCU generation 2 was released, I found it rather interesting. I saw the possibility that a TM gearbox could be cont...



We finally finished our showroom, but most importantly we start taking pre-orders May 28 at 12:00 Am, MDT.