Airsoft guns are replica toy weapons used in airsoft sports. Airsoft guns are replica toy weapons used in airsoft sports.


We have decided to use Lambda one inner barrel for our products.

We have tested several Inner barrels around the world to improve BB's ballistic consistency and range.

For Inner barrels, when tight bore, the Muzzle Velocity is good, but the Consistency tends to be low. Conversely, the 6.1mm inner barrel has a tendency to lower Muzzle velocity while improving consistency.


When the BB passes through the inner barrel, it moves along the air flow formed around the BB.

What is often known about BB's trajectory is that the trajectory stabilizes through repeated bounces. But actually it is vibrated by the flow of air around BB, which is also somewhat related to the Bernoulli principle. The increase in consistency as the inner barrel diameter increases is that there is room enough to cover the precision of the inner barrel as the layer of air formed around the BB.


Tight-bore Inner barrels therefore need to be made precisely on their inner surfaces. We have found that Lambda's Inner barrel is the best Inner barrel with improved Muzzle velocity and Consistency.


All AAF products you order from us will use Lambda's Inner barrel.