Another Look at Our Hop-up System

We are frequently asked, what hop-up system we use?

In this article, we will discuss our hop-up system and what systems we have based our design on. If you take a close look at our bucking system, it is nearly the same  design as the bucking system known as R-hop, but we have made several modifications for mass production.

However, we  refer to our system as a flat bucking or A-Contact. From this time on, we will refer to our system as modified R-hop to prevent confusion.

Our hop-up system is the future of mass products of R-hop and G-hop(Gen 3) originating in Japan.

 As we were contemplating what type of bucking system we would use, we heavily researched the system known as G-hop, as well has GBB hop-up system because our feeding system is very similar.

 As you know, GBB systems are dynamic and the BB doesn’t  always sit in the same spot in BB chamber. That makes this system unpredictable and produces unstable trajectory. 

The G-hop system Gen 1 was developed in  2008. Later on in 2010, the Gen 3 system was invented. You can see the document that was  posted in 2010 on this web page. We have attached the link below.

Table 1. The making of the G-hop Gen 3. Copyright @ Gungineer 2010


In 2016, we decide to go forth with a version of R-hop/G-hop and started mass production rather than continuing with the GBB hop-up system because it is much more predictable and accurate.

 Below we have attached two pictures showing our modified R-hop/ G-hop.


We have run several accuracy tests with our modified R-hop.  It shows  a good grouping, that is about  2x2” from 14.5 yards (~45ft).

You can watch this video on our Youtube page or simply click the link below: