AAF launched System 2.0 in January 2019.

We would like to start the complimentary Mid Life Update program as follows:


Please refer to the following video for system 2.0 specifications.



Customers to whom this service is provided:

Customers who purchased our products in 2018



Please send us the gun you purchased.

AAF will provide the MLU at no charge to eligible customers.

AAF will bear the shipping fee for return, after the update.


Contents of the MLU

  1. Software update
  2. Gearbox Internal overhaul
  3. Hop-up update/overhaul


Expected Result: Completion of AAF 2.0 System Airsoft Gun.


For more information, please contact support@americanairsoftfactory.com

Thank you.



Updates for customers in Japan are excluded. Please consult your local distributor.


The following 4 customers are eligible to receive MLU from South Korea.


YC Choi

TH Jeong

GJ Kang

SW Kim