A few years ago, we had a dream of changing the standard AEG Airsoft gun to something better. Something that could be used for fun. We wanted to design a gun that had the similar characteristics of a real AR-15, but that was completely battery operated and made in the U.S.A. That was a challenge in its own. However, after long hours and dedication we were finally able achieve this goal.

Our guns are completely battery operated and have an open bolt blowback, with a computerized fire control system. This system allows you to freely change back and forth from full auto to variable round bursts. We only use the best materials to provide you with a reliable gun.

We have designed our gun to be very versatile and easy to use. We wanted to provide a product that has away for you to get supplies easily and at low cost. For that reason, we do not produce our own magazines. All our guns have been designed for you to see the open bolt stop and use the bolt release, with any legacy Hi-cap or Mid-cap AEG magazine.

Finally, we wanted a gun that could be modified to fit your tactical needs. Whether that be in an airsoft war or training. We have carefully designed it in way that there is no need to change your cylinders. All you have to do to swap out your old upper with the new one and you are ready to go.

We are committed to help progress the airsoft world and think our product is only the beginning.