NOTE: Anyone who is to operate an AAF airsoft rifle must read these safety guidelines and operational instructions. Failure to follow these safety guidelines and operational instructions could result in serious injury or bodily harm. It could also result in legal liability. American Airsoft Factor relinquishes any liability if these guidelines are not followed.

Eye Protection

Anyone who is to operate an airsoft gun must wear protective eyewear.

Firearm Standards

An airsoft rifle-even though consider a toy to many- should be treated as a real firearm. This rifle should always be treated as if it were loaded. You should never point your rifle at anyone even while it is not loaded. Always check your surrounding before you fire.  Also the use of your airsoft rifle as a joke or prank could result in the  breaking of Federal, State or local law based where you reside.

Ear Protection

Ear protection laws and regulations vary from state to state. As such, ear protection may be required and should be worn while operating the airsoft rifle.

Muzzle Safety

Always point the muzzle of the airsoft rifle in a safe direction. Never aim or fire any airsoft gun at another human or animal. Looking down the barrel of any airsoft gun is not a recommended practice and should never be done.

Transporting and Storing

Keep the rifle’s selector on safe while transporting and storing or until ready to fire. During transportation ensure the airsoft rifle is inside a bag or gun case. Always disconnect the battery when not in use. Always disconnect the magazine while not in use. Additionally, release the mainspring. (See user video on The failure to carry any airsoft rifle in a case or bag in public can result in legal issues.

Colored Tip

Colored tips in many states are required. In the United States of America orange tips are used to distinguish real firearms from toy guns. However, an orange tip does not mean the airsoft rifle should not be treated as if it were a real firearm. Some states ban the removal of the colored tip. Make sure you adhere to the state in which you are using or carrying the airsoft rifle. Police forces are trained to treat objects that look like firearms as such, therefore take necessary precautions even with colored tip on the airsoft rifle.

Trigger Safety.

Until you are ready to fire and the sights are on the target, do not place your finger inside the trigger guard.  Pulling the trigger and holding down the bolt release could result in damage to the rifle or operator.


As instructed in the videos, found on, maintaining your gun is necessary for the airsoft rifle to function properly. Failure to maintain the airsoft rifle can damage it and result in breakage. The incorrect use of tools can result in injury.

Marginal Weather

The operation in harsh conditions such as; dust/sand and heavy rain/snow can result in damage. Due to our gear being integrated with a fully functional CPU submersion or seepage can damage the functionality of the airsoft rifle. If dust is to enter the rifle a thorough cleaning/maintenance is advised. *Note: Operating in conditions of normal amounts of dust, light rain or snow is acceptable.* Along with all battery systems electrical discharge can occur. Do not handle a battery while wet.

Gun Diagram

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Gearbox Diagram

Gearbox Parts Diagram

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Limited 3 month warranty. Any internal alterations will void the warranty. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor abuse. Problems with the CPU will be looked at, by American Airsoft Factory support team, after the 3 month warranty.

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